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These materials have been developed for the National Adoption Service. Their purpose is to provide a learning and development resource for adopters post placement. These modules have been specifically designed to be easily accessible and in a format that can be adapted for various uses. However should anyone wish to use this material they must keep it 'true to the original concept'.The content of the slides should not be changed as it is important that the information outlined in the modules retains its fidelity even if the delivery of the training is adapted to meet people’s different needs.



We know that becoming a parent is exciting, rewarding and fun. We also know that all parents can benefit from additional knowledge and insight to help them on their journey. Potential and prospective adopters will have had some training during the assessment stage that will have covered aspects of the theory and processes underpinning adoption.

Our learning never stops and people learn in different ways, and with this in mind, the National Adoption Service in conjunction with AFA Cymru and Adoption UK and in consultation with adoption practitioners and adopters, have developed a number of modules covering some key aspects that we hope will be useful. These are intended to help and support adopters to weave together an understanding of what they need to know and the skills they need to develop to build and continue to improve their relationship with their child.

The intention is not for them to be accessed only when people might be struggling, but at all times and our hope is that they will be inspiring and enjoyable as well as informative.


What you need to know before you start

It is important that before you start looking at this information you take a number of factors into account:-

It is advisable that enough time is put aside to go through a complete module; ideally have no interruptions and be able to take some time out for yourself to consider what you have learnt. Please set aside at least an hour for each one.

If you are an adopter, you may wish to have someone with you who can support you if you need it. Some of the material may make you feel uncomfortable or even anxious so it is advisable that you go through them with your supporting social worker or a significant other.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may wish to contact someone who is adoption experienced within your network or you can contact your regional adoption service, Adoption UK or AFA Cymru.


Post Approval Adopters Training Guide

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Post Approval Adoption training Modules

The modules are best read in stages as laid out below. There is a lot of information in each module so give yourself plenty of time to go through them. Each module will take at least an hour to work through as the notes in some modules are more extensive. There are also exercises designed to be used in group work but you might find some of them useful to try.


You'll need to open each module as 'Read Only' to view.
You'll need to copy and paste the links in the notes into your browser.


If you have any feedback about the modules or any recommendations for additional information please contact the National Adoption Service by emailing: -

Stage 1

1. Health and Development issues in children who have been adopted

2. Attachment theory and its relevance for parenting adopted children

3. Get involved

4. Legal


Stage 2


5. Contact

6. Life Journey Work

7. Transitions

8. Looking after yourself


Stage 3


9. Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

10. Parenting Our Teenagers

11. Living with Challenging Behaviour

12. An introduction to Non Violent Resistance for dealing with Child to Parent Violence



Taking the next step

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