Contact between brothers and sisters following care proceedings can often be disjointed - and at worst, non-existent, particularly where different arrangements are in place for different children from a family group as agreed by the court. In practice, much depends on the willingness of the adults involved to facilitate contact that is agreed - and this can often fall down, particularly as time goes on.

The rise of social media has also changed the experience of 'contact' for many young people leaving them vulnerable to approaches outside the systems set up through their care plans. NAS recently joined up with Voices from Care, Children in Wales, Adoption UK Cymru and Cardiff University to hold an event which would began to consider whether systems could better support adopted and care experienced children and young people to build positive, strong and lasting relationships with their brothers and sisters.

 As part of the event we worked closely with the Children's Legal Centre for Wales to devise and launch a fact sheet for children and young people to explain the legal position relating to contact between brothers and sisters in different placements and who are subject to different legal orders. The factsheet is downloadable.

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