Adoption Services in Wales – Covid 19

We hope everyone is continuing to keep safe and well and have been able to adapt to these changing times.  As always our priority is to continue to ensure that our children and families remain safe and are supported as lockdown measures ease. 

Adoption services across Wales are continuing to work within UK and Welsh Government and Public Health Wales guidelines and the majority of services have continued to be provided.  Most staff are still working remotely although there has been an increase in direct face-to-face visits where it is safe and possible to do so.  

Below outlines how we plan to continue with everyone’s safety in mind. This page is regularly updated as and when there are any significant changes. Please bear with us as things continue to change and do contact us if you have any queries.

Should you need specific parenting or adoption advice, Adoption UK’s Wales helpline is open. You can call on 02920 230319 or email There is also advice, information and resources geared to supporting families during the Covid-19 situation here.

If you have any major health concerns regarding the Coronavirus, please also visit the NHS website.

Please also see our Adoption Support section for further information on how support is provided across Wales.

Adoption services across Wales
Our Regional and Voluntary Adoption Agency staff continue to deliver their services. The majority of offices remain closed to the public, but staff are still available via e-mail, telephone and video conferencing.  Face-to-face visits are beginning to take place where it is safe and possible to do so but continue to be subject to risk assessment. Where we have gained insight into what has worked well for people throughout this crisis we are continuing to use this as a way of keeping in touch and supporting people. 

Recruitment visits and assessments
In regions and agencies these are starting remotely with most now planning to complete through a mixture of remote and face-to-face visits in line with guidelines. Regions and VAA’s are planning these on a case-by-case basis; please discuss with the agency if you have any queries.  

Adoption Panels
Panels continue to focus on essential business such as approvals and matching children with prospective adopters and the majority will continue to be carried out via video or conference calls. Adoptive parents and prospective adopters will be invited to join via video/telephone calls.

Adoption Register Wales
Use of the Adoption Register Wales remains unaffected but it may be that discussions with Social Workers may take a little longer than usual. Please bear with us as staff make the necessary adjustments. They will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Matching, and placement introductions
The majority of matching meetings will happen by telephone, video calls and written reports.
Commencing introductions and moving children into placements is beginning to be less challenging as we learn new ways of ensuring this can happen safely for all parties involved.   A framework has been developed to support Welsh adoption services to consider whether this is possible on an individual case-by-case basis and with the authority responsible for the child; this framework adheres to Government/Public Health advice while also meeting necessary legal guidelines. Services aim to keep everyone informed but if you have any queries about how you are affected by this this please speak to your Social Worker.

Adoption Support
Adoptive families and professionals should contact their regional or voluntary adoption service to access the range of adoption support services that can be made available.  Advice on this is available on this website or directly from services themselves. 
Additionally, should families need specific parenting or adoption advice, Adoption UK’s Wales helpline is open to all adoptive families via 02920 230319 or
Services across Wales have adapted to continue to provide services safely during this health emergency; this includes new services funded by the Welsh Government such as the TESSA services provided in partnership by local authorities and Adoption UK.

Placing children
Our intention is to continue to move children in line with any agreed plans, necessary risk assessments and Public Health advice. We will do our very best to keep all those affected informed.

Visits to children and families
Families who urgently require visits, particularly for adoption support, will continue to be prioritised according to need. Where advice and or remote contact is possible, support will be offered that way.  Where it is necessary to visit, risk assessments will be undertaken. We also acknowledge that some families now need face-to-face visits where they were previously being seen remotely and we are working to make this happen wherever it is possible and safe to do so. 

Preparation and other training for adopters
Preparation, and the majority of other training, is now being provided through video conferencing or other facilities.  Some sessions may move to face-to-face over the coming months where it is possible and safe to do so. This is subject to risk assessment and what we have learned works well for people and staff. 
A resource pack, with reading and other exercises that prospective adopters can do themselves, is available on line.  This is aimed to support prospective adopters in the early stage of their assessment to think about some of the issues they may encounter and is linked to the social work assessment. 
The NAS post approval training is on line so those adopters that wish to work through this themselves can do so.  As above this and other training/development activity for approved adopters can be also be accessed through video conferencing. 


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